Dr Freda Adu

Medical Contributor

Freda is an Anaesthetic registrar at one of the capital’s busiest Hospitals. She is a member of the Royal college of anaesthetists (RCOA), British medical Association (BMA) and Association of Anaesthetists (AA). During her working life she divides her time between providing anaesthesia and teaching, organising and setting up Simulation courses for a wide range of medical professionals.

In the past year, like most of her medical colleagues, she has been a frontline key worker in the intensive care units dealing with sick Covid-19 patients.

Freda hope to share insight on the reality of her work as a medical doctor through opinion and advice columns. She provides medical lifestyle related content for My Soho Times, including a feature on soho’s historic medical connection. Freda hopes to introduce readers to lifestyle medicine and wellness. When off duty, Freda enjoys brunching, wine tasting, and traveling.

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