If your business is connected to London, we are your link to city dwellers who value culture and lifestyle. Let’s find a way to work together.

For partnership and promotional enquires please email

Benefits of Partnering with us.

An annual partnership allows us to prioritise your business’ needs and ensure we give you ongoing coverage to create a lasting impact on our readers across digital and print.

  • Diversity Matters. Support a female-lead, black-owned, community focused, independent publication promoting SMEs and diverse content creators.
  • We print 5000 copies quarterly, distributed across London’s Zone 1-6.
  • A spotlight placement in our listing directory online and in print, and your business logo on the partnership section of our website.
  • Blog articles with links to your website, alongside curated list-themed articles.
  • Sponsored content for our YouTube Channel and Online events, invitation to be be a guest speaker on our Soho Radio radio show and podcast and cross-partnership with our sister publication My Soho Times.
  • Pic ‘n’ mix per season between editorial, advertorial and adverts in a range of page sizes.
  • Bespoke service.

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