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Gourmelita is a Greek food enthusiast, passionately eating her way through central London. She has a great knack for discovering the best the city has to offer and shares her love for multicultural, delicious food with a gourmet twist through her recipe blog and social media. She is a creative recipe developer, food stylist, and skilled cook and baker.

Her blog Gourmelita, founded in 2012, soon became one of the top food blogs in Greece. She advocates seasonal cuisine with pure ingredients and creates her version of gourmet eats. She has been working successfully with major companies in the food industry, creating original recipes and social media content, as well as hosting numerous live cooking shows and has presented recipes on Greek television on a weekly basis. 

Since relocating to London, Gourmelita has been collaborating with restaurants as a food writer, bespoke events manager, social media consultant, food stylist and menu consultant. Gourmelita is all about food and she loves every moment of it! 

Gourmelita is a regular contributor for both My London Times & My Soho Times.

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