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A Londoner through and through, I have lived in this great city the majority of my life. With a background of 15 years in fashion, I started my career working as a sales assistant in Selfridges, soon gaining a passion for retail, while challenging the “standard” KPI customer service rules. My career progressed via Harrods, HOF and a promotion to Floor Manager of Timberland. With my love for the industry, I started my own online fashion brand, Ollie May Boutique – one of the first-ever internet brands to use reality star influencers.

I now own and am director of Kirby PR – supporting small businesses via media, press and collaborations.  The potential of My London Times fills me with excitement, knowing I can use my skills make a difference in my city after a long lockdown.

I’m a lover of fashion, gossip and strong coffee.

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