William P. Hanley

Food & Hospitality Editor

William possesses almost a decade of gluttonous experience in media from both sides of the microphone, so to speak. It all began when helping to establish Central London’s first community radio station, where he presented and co-wrote his own show focussing on the best of British gastronomy, from Michelin-starred chefs to back alley breweries. Since then, he has worked freelance for Communications agencies and occasionally in-house in a variety of sectors, whilst maintaining his own multi-contributor London online culture magazine, www.ingoodtasteuk.com.

William’s passions in gastronomy range from fine dining & finer wine and the very best in season-driven produce in the UK and around the world, to a perfectly constructed KFC Tower Burger. It’s essential to have a broad, polarised spectrum of edible interests in any food writer’s diet. Good food & drink can be found anywhere and expect William to be on top of the latest trends in every issue and on the pages of the website for both My London Times & My Soho Times.

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