Open call for My London Times photography exhibition

Share some of the reasons why you love London – A picture say a million words!

  • let us know what you love about London
  • share some of your favorite places
  • what does London mean to you?
  • We want; fashionistas, hipsters, students, creatives, local heroes, street cleaners, the driving force of London!

An open call for a street photography exhibition by London artist and writer Kai Lutterodt. This is part of a photo-book documenting local residents, visitors/tourists, industry professionals and businesses in London.

Pictures will be exhibited (venue TBC). Participants will get a copy of their photograph and photobook/photo merchandise.

Love Soho also? We’re on the look out for anyone who has a special connection with Soho they’d like to share for a Soho Street Photography project, showcasing portraits from diverse people in London. Check out  for more info. Or CLICK HERE to view Open Call

Email us: subject “My London Times”

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I'm Kai a sharer of stories, experiences and self-development from my travels! This blog is my safe space to share ideas, highlight under-represented voices... And continuously create myself through travel. Thanks for joining my journey x TravelmakerKai

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