CERU: Taste of Levant

The many restaurants which survived this pandemic have finally been given the green light to re-opened their doors to welcome us back. With so many choices of cuisine to choose from within London, it can be a hard decision where to start from. Joanne Mortlock recommends CERU

Have you though ever had Levantine cuisine before though? No, then I highly
recommend making CERU in South Kensington your first restaurant of call.

Levantine cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Levant, which covers a large
area of the Eastern Mediterranean primarily within states of Cyprus, Jordan,
Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria and even parts of Turkey.

Did you know though that Levantine cuisine is considered one of the healthiest
cuisines in the world? Why? because of their low-fat options such as hummus,
tabbouleh and other dips and salads.

CERU now brings the taste of Levant to London. They cook a wide variety of
Levantine dishes from their signature meat dishes as well as gluten free, vegan
and vegetarian dishes. Enjoy the scents and spices of Levant within inside CERU or eat al fresco at their South Kensington restaurant and enjoy either a Levantine brunch, lunch or dinner. All their dishes provide big flavours from zest and spice taking your mind to the Mediterranean.

As well as producing delicious tasting food they also sell quality bottles of
Levantine wine and beer to enjoy along with your meal. CLICK HERE for their full menu.

DIY Home Kits

For those who don’t live near London – fear not! You can enjoy the taste
of Levantine at home thanks to CERU Cook at Home meal kits which can be
ordered online and can be delivered across the UK. All the meals are easy to
cook, bringing you less work and more enjoyment in the kitchen.

All their kits are made to share and easy to cook so it does not matter how skilled
you are in the kitchen as all the slicing and dicing has been done, all you need to
do is pop the dishes into the oven.

I enjoyed CERU’s home beef kit which did not disappoint. The food was fresh,
easy to cook and full of flavour. Also, each kit comes with a beautiful silk

So, if you are looking for a taste of that something a little different CERU is a
must. Take a food journey with CERU and discover the taste of Levant packed
with aromas and taste. CLICK HERE to check out their full range.

7–9 Bute Street
South Kensington
London, SW7 3EY
Telephone 020 3195 3001
Email southken@cerurestaurants.com
Monday to Friday – Midday to 11pm
Saturday – 11am to 11pm
Sunday – 11am to 10pm

Words and photography by Joanne Mortlock

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