Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney is an award-winning restaurant that has won accolades such as ‘Best National Indian Restaurant Brand’ and ‘Chef of the Year 2018.’ Founded originally in Bombay by JK Kapur, who built up a film productions business that has produced Bengali films such as Sagina Mahato, he started Copper Chimney after deciding to follow his passion for the culinary world. Since 1971, the restaurant has opened multiple branches in locations including Kuwait and the UAE. It has established a spot in the UK, which sits in West London, Shepherd’s Bush.  

As you step inside the restaurant, you would notice that beyond the largely modern designs of its interiors,  nostalgic tones linger.  The wicker chairs, hanging plants and colourfulness of the furniture hail for 1970s Bombay. 

The restaurant menu celebrates miscellaneous cuisines and flavours from North India, as the founder Kapur grew up in the region before the Partition that separated India and Pakistan. Using a custom clay oven that cooks with an even heat, dishes are made by ‘ustads’ – master chefs that are trained in different techniques of Indian cooking from all over the country as well as age-old recipes. In the open display kitchen positioned close to the dining crowd, the ustads can be seen visibly preparing the  dishes.    

The menu has a wide range of delicious starters. Amritsari Shrimp, originating from its namesake Amritsar is shrimp coated with carom seeds and are then battered. It has a crunchiness which is fun to eat as a light snack. Delhi-style Fried Chicken is a street food dish with a twist; the meat is pounded in garam masala and seasoned with a mix of spices and pepper. When you bite into its crunchy centre, you can notice that the meat inside is delicately seasoned. 

For the main course, Lamb Seekh Kebab is an ace choice for meat lovers – the skewered kebabs are flavoured with spices as well as coriander, and the lamb is roasted to a point that it is still succulent. The Bazaar ke Chole, which is a type of chickpea curry cooked with a spice mix and crushed pomegranates, ascertains a balance between the sweetness of the dried fruit and the aromatic flavours of the homemade spice mix. Saffron Berry Pulao, a type of basmati rice infused with berry and turmeric, is perfect to have as a side since it complements the sumptuous mains. After a hearty meal, have a cup of warm creamy chai and Gajar Pistachio Crumble which are perfect as a post-dinner treat. 

Apart from a comprehensive selection for dinner, Copper Chimney also offers lunch meal deals that cater for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Consider Copper Chimney your next go-to spot for a meal next time after a busy day at the shops. 

Words and images by Kesh Wang

Copper Chimney Southern Terrace, Ariel Way, London W12 7GA

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