5 Gourmet Pasta Dishes from Delita to Transform Your Festive Dinner Party

It’s dinner party season – which means the festive season is charing towards us like a like a train emerging out of a dark tunnel! If the thought of preparing to host family and friends fills you with chills – fear not, Delita is here! I was lucky enough to attend an evening sampling the various ready-prepared dishes Delita offers… let’s just say, considering we’ve all been out of practice – no thanks to lockdown, this is how ‘the new normal‘ dinner party is done; fuss-free. Thank me later.

No one has to know you didn’t chop a thing…

Delita is a new gourmet Italian cuisine brand offering deliciously authentic and accessible Italian dishes – straight to your door within 24hrs – all at the click of a button! Indulge in a four course Italian menu of deliciously authentic meals, each crafted by renowned chefs. Simply heat your order in the sustainable, re-useable glass jars each component comes in (the pasta is separated from the sauce – how considerate), dish on a plate and voilà – restaurant quality right in your home… no one has to know you didn’t chop a thing!

From Antipasti, Primi, Secondi to Contorni, Delita offers a traditional Italian culinary experience, elevated by modern cooking techniques. With Italian art de vivre at its heart, fresh, quality ingredients are prepared daily to create a flavoursome menu, featuring well-loved Italian classics and hidden local specialities.

These 5 Gourmet Pasta Dishes will totally transform your Dinner Party:

1. Polpo con crema di patate and Faraona

2. Parmigiana di melanzane e zucchine (Aubergine and Courgette Parmigiana)

3. Caponata alla Sicilliana (Caponata)

4. Lasagne alla bolognese

5. Tagliatelle con ragù di verdura

Saluti to the festive season ahead!

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Let us know which dishes are your faves!

Written by Kai Lutterodt | @the.soho.girl. Images courtesy of Delita.

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