“Don’t Over Think – Just Do”: Being an Artist in London

“This piece could go in so many ways, so I’ve decided to keep it as raw and un-calculated as possible.” shares London-based artist, Fernene Amour in her own words…

Overall, it’s a constant tug of war; between wanting to be where the people are, to yield the moment and wanting to retreat. I enjoy existing in a tranquil space, tuning out the noise so that I can ease into the place where my essence resides. I meet her there on that plane where she is peacefully awaiting her emergence.

In this post covid climate I have opted for the former more, I’ve missed my fellow creatives, creative places, spaces and communities that inspires me. The energy I never knew I craved until I couldn’t access it at my leisure. My allies in this war that we all fight, on this battlefield that is London; a sensationally beautiful, bustling, eat you alive, spit you out and keep it moving city.

Photo by Alicia Zinn

There’s so much energy, so much inspiration yet too much energy and too much
inspiration at the same damn time. Sometimes what’s needed is to get lost in moments
that don’t have such stimulation. God Himself had the ultimate silence; a blank canvas to begin His Creation.

As 2022 begins, I reflect on another year of evolution. I’m concerned less about finding a balance and more about channeling these energies effectively. Seize the moment and do what I want, when I want. The only thing truly messing with my vibe are the travel restrictions.

We all face the challenge of protecting ones energy in such a turbulent city. I think we are most successful when we don’t think too much, just do. That’s what being an Artist in London is like, you just do. The past year in particular, we’ve had to be exceedingly creative in order to combat restrictions, because all artist want to be free. Let our dreams shift into plans, our plans shift into action and that action to shift into a feeling that will last a lifetime.

Photo by Burst

Our mental health is taxed the most when we’re static and ponder for too long… thanks Covid. So, this year I’ve affirmed that we mustn’t think about it too much loves. Go, be! Be happy with whatever you choose to do. (As long as you aren’t intentionally hurting anyone or yourself). Let go of bad times, embrace life, give thanks and reminisce later.

Thanks for all the lessons 2021, Fernene Amour x

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