The Lucky Club now deliver their famous Bao Bun Brunches to your door!

Are you missing tucking into a decent range of bao buns? Yes? then look no further as London’s popular restaurant The Lucky Club are now sending and delivering out their Bao Bun Brunches to enjoy at home. Joanne Mortlock shares more!

The Lucky Club restaurant can be found within London’s Mayfair and has been putting a smile on customers faces since 2018 from their food, cocktails and entertainment. Unfortunately, though due to the pandemic they have had to close their doors on numerous occasions so they have come up with the idea of The Lucky Club at Home concept in which their signature Bao Buns and cocktails now can be bought and delivered straight to your door.

Choose from either their Boozy Bao Brunch, or a Bao Brunch without the drink or simply a selection of their cocktails at home.

I personally tried their Boozy Bao Brunch which came beautifully packaged with everything still cold and fresh. The whole DIY brunch box came with easy to follow instructions and consisted of

·        Eight bao buns

·        Pork belly x2

·        Chicken x2

·        Miso salmon and mushroom & tofu x2

·        Selection of vegetables, herbs and sauces

·        Noodle salad

·        Lucky Bloody Mary

·        Prosecco

With such a variety of meat, fish, vegetables and sauce it made eating at home fun. All was easy to cook from the fish, meat and tofu which you cook in the oven and bao buns in a bamboo steamer. Don’t worry though if you don’t have a bamboo steamer though as you can make an alternative one by placing a colander with some greaseproof paper over a pan of simmering water and cover with a lid or foil. Once all cooked it was onto stuffing the bao buns which you can either follow their suggested combos of:

·        Chicken Katsubo Bao with sriracha mayo & lettuce

·        Pork Belly Bao with slaw & crispy shallots

·        Tofu & Mushroom Bao with Pickled Enoki

·        Miso Salmon Bao with Ponzu mayo & pickled onions

or get creative and create your own unique versions, the choice is entirely yours.

The Bao Buns are beautifully white, soft, fluffy and very tasty. The meat and fish succulent and crisp. The vegetables fresh and a variety of choice and the sauces gave the stuffed bao buns that extra wow factor.

A fun home brunch kit to enjoy at home for two be it for a heavy lunch or dinner.

When The Lucky Club is open this Boozy Bao Bun brunch can be enjoyed within their restaurant every Saturday. Plus, during the week, The Lucky Club is a great venue to chill with friends, tuck into food, and sip on their signature drinks such as Lucky Bloody Mary.

Words and images by Joanne Mortlock | @lovepopupslondon

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