Spotlight On Our Contributors: International Women’s Month special

To end International Women’s Month, three contributors share what Women’s Month means to them, and their female role models…

Joanne Mortlock | @LovePopUpsLondon 

What does International Women’s Day/Month mean to you? International Women’s Day to me is a day for us all to acknowledge and honour women around the world for the contributions they make each day to society be it within their job or support for they do for charities

Who was your childhood female icon and why? Daryl Hannah. Reasons why as she is not just a great actress but an inspiration to all woman. As she suffers with autism and anxiety but has shown that it does not matter what life may bring anyone can do anything they dream of doing like her in acting. Plus she is an animal rights activist, and environmentalist which shows me that she is a caring woman. 

If you could have dinner (or drinks) with 3 inspirational women (dead or alive) who would you choose and why? Daryl Hannah for her stories on her career success and how she got over her shyness and other issues. Secondly Marylin Monroe for her singing plus her life stories as she is I bet she has some interesting presidental stories plus other interesting stories. Finally Mary Berry as she is an inspiration to all chefs. Plus she can bring along cakes and give us some cookery tips.

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Lucía López  | @lucia.lobaz

What does International Women’s Day/Month mean to you? International Women’s day/month means plenty of different things to me. It means empowerment, beauty and celebration but the fact that we still need a day to acknowledge or state why we are important also gives me a bittersweet feeling.

Being a woman is all I know and I am not sure how my work or my relationships are meant to be catalogued as different just because I am a woman. I have been recently thinking about this new wave of feminism where the value of someones success or work is enhanced by the fact that they are a woman or that certain achievements should be recognised in a different way because of the person’s gender behind it. I believe we should work towards a normalisation of not only seeing, but allowing women in power or in any position in society to just ‘be’, without them having to be questioned about their roles. I did my degree in English literature and I remember in every essay question there was an option to write about the ‘role’ of the female characters or the ‘function’ of the female characters in relation with the story/plot/narrative etc, but there was never a question of the role of the male character within x. That made me realise how much more we need to achieve in order for women to feel normal within their skin, well-placed and deserved in society, our households, workplaces and fictional stories.

Who was your childhood female icon and why? My childhood female icon was Tamara Rojo. She is a ballet dancer and at the time she was the principal dancer for The Royal Ballet, she retired from the stage but stayed as an artistic director at the English National Ballet, where showed her great vision and professionalism for more than 10 years. I always valued her work ethics, her great talent and how elegantly she presented herself. She was an icon to me because of how she understood life and how she treated the dance company, and that was shown in the way she gave herself generously to the audience on stage.

If you could have dinner (or drinks) with 3 inspirational women (dead or alive) who would you choose and why? I would have dinner with my mother, Hannah Arendt and Agnes Varda. My mother is one of the pillars in my life, I look up to her and she is one of the most resilient people I have ever known. She is also really intelligent and funny hence she would be a great party guest. Hannah Ardent’s work has shaped a great part of my outlook when it comes to relative morality. I believe she would be such a great person to discuss things with and have meaningful deep conversations. Agnes Varda is one of my favourite film directors of all time and I have found great inspiration in her work. I think we could talk about films for hours and our love for making them, I would ask her so many questions!

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Kai Lutterodt aka The Soho Girl| @the.soho.girl

What does International Women’s Day/Month mean to you? IWD is an opportunity for all women to be celebrated for their accomplishments. I love the buzz of events happening all month long – it’s an opportunity to share, learn and connect with inspirational women.

Who was your childhood female icon and why? My late Aunty Marian was and still is my female icon. She was the matriarch of the family – strong yet gentle. A wise women whom I could always go to with my failures or wins without feeling judged. She was also my style icon – fashion came effortlessly to her! I grew up with a body positive role model before I knew it was even a thing!

If you could have dinner (or drinks) with 3 inspirational women (dead or alive) who would you choose and why? The three inspirational women I’d have dinner (or drinks with!) would be my mum, Aunty Marian and my grandmother. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household of strong fearless women. Unfortunately my closest cheerleaders have since passed on, but their legacy lives on through me.

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