Easter Weekend Treats: The Ultimate Nurishment Hot Cross Buns

If the classic bread and butter pudding is a family favourite, you’ll love this upgraded version using Nurishment, the UK’s no.1 nutritionally enriched milk drink… the perfect treat for the East bank holiday weekend!

Nurishment Hot Cross Buns 

What you’ll need: 

⭐ 4 Hot Cross Buns

⭐ Butter for spreading

⭐ 3 eggs

⭐2 tbsp caster sugar

⭐ 1/2 can of Nurishment Original Vanilla milk

⭐Chocolate chips

⭐Marmalade (optional)

The preparation is easy. Slice four hot cross buns in half and spread butter on them, sprinkle the chocolate chips, mix the eggs, caster sugar and the Nurishment Vanilla Flavour Milk Drink, pour over the hot cross buns, leave to stand for 15 minutes and then bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes before serving with dashes of marmalade on top.

To see how to make this and other Nurishment inspired recipes, visit @nurishment.uk

Happy Easter from the My London Times team!

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