A Taste of the Caribbean at Big Mike’s Calypso Kitchen

How far would you travel for a taste of the Caribbean?

Seasoned traveller Ivo Belohoubek of DoGoodFilms lucky didn’t have to venture too far to share his culinary experience at Big Mike’s Calypso Kitchen located in East Croydon – just 20mins by train from Central London. And with dine-in returning from 17th May, diners can consume food indoors or soak up the lively al fresco atmosphere!

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The Lucky Club now deliver their famous Bao Bun Brunches to your door!

Are you missing tucking into a decent range of bao buns? Yes? then look no further as London’s popular restaurant The Lucky Club are now sending and delivering out their Bao Bun Brunches to enjoy at home. Joanne Mortlock shares more!

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CERU: Taste of Levant

The many restaurants which survived this pandemic have finally been given the green light to re-opened their doors to welcome us back. With so many choices of cuisine to choose from within London, it can be a hard decision where to start from. Joanne Mortlock recommends CERU

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Top 5 Holiday Destinations to Consider in 2021

Predicting which destinations you can visit in 2021 is almost as tricky as picking the lottery numbers. There are vaccination rates to consider, localised outbreaks, variants, and just whether there are flights to fly to where you want to go. Here, we are going to gaze into our crystal ball and attempt to find some answers. Baldwin Ho speaks directly with Tourism Boards to get the inside track on what to expect…

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The Return of Indoor Dining: Urban Foraging for Nuet Dry Aquavit

One of the greatest privileges of living in London is, hands down, the opportunity to eat and drink the world over without getting on a single flight. And it’s just as well considering the travel bans and red lists the pandemic has left us with…

It’s also worth asking, if it hasn’t been launched in London yet – has it even launched? This might have been the thinking behind the team at Nuet who’s Urban Foraging press event introduced an intimate gathering of journalists and F&B experts to their award-winning contemporary take on a traditional Scandinavian spirit, aquavit. Not only was Monday 17th May a welcomed celebration of Norway Day, it also perfectly coincided with the much awaited return of indoor dining nationwide!

The evening of networking (oh how we’ve missed you!) began at in the cosy concave basement Hide Below of Hide restaurant in Mayfair. Our introduction to Nuet Dry Aquavit was served as a refreshing spritz – the perfect icebreaker to ease us comfortably into our social setting, which got us introducing ourselves – a return of our gracious social skills, before lockdown reduced us to Zoom. Each spritz arrived with a note of old Scandinavian folk wisdom – a personal touch to fit the theme. Mine read, “One must howl with the wolves one is among“… and that, after a long and isolating lockdown, I intended to do.

Next stop on the foraging agenda lead us into the City of London to drink and dine at the Nordic Kitchen Ekte, where you could say the party got started… well, as best as it can be in our new normal. The Nuet Dry Aquavit flowed in neat shots and diversity of cocktails – showcasing the spirit’s versatility. An array of SMØRREBRØD, classic Danish open rye bread sandwiches with an assortment of freshly made toppings, filled our tables to line our stomachs. I leant that ‘Nuet’ means ‘the now’, and it got me thinking, if this is now – summer in London is only just warming up!

The world’s first premium aquavit has arrived on British shores… and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Special thanks to hosts; Nuet’s Janeczka, and Jo Aspin.

Written by Kai Lutterodt | @the.soho.girl

It’s not too late to forage your way around the bars and partner venues across the capital this weekend for a chance to try Nuet Dry Aquavit for the first time…

From 17th – 23rd May partner bars in London will be serving Nuet specials (including the Nuet spritz) to commemorate Norway Day, Nuet’s arrival into the UK AND our step closer to normality with bars and restaurants open for inside dining and drinking!

Find Nuet on the drinks menu across the capital, including Hide in Mayfair, EKTE Nordic Kitchen in Bloomberg Arcade, Scandi Kitchen in Fitzrovia and more. Each partner bar will be serving special Nuet cocktails

Purchase a limited edition Nuet gift set, featuring a commemorative bottle and branded Nuet glasses), available on 31 Dover, priced at £39.95.

Website: www.nuetaquavit.com

Instagram: @nuetaquavit  #NuetMoment

All photos by @lukemeggitt courtesy of Nuet.

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