6 Ways To Feel Amazing During Lockdown

Lockdown can be hard – if you let it be so. You may feel like life is on hold right now, and in some ways it is, but this is also an amazing opportunity for you to decide who you are, what your life will be and what you choose to surround yourself with!

Looking at lockdown through the lens of opportunity, here are 6 ways for you to make life better during lockdown…

Steady Sleep

Now is your chance to reset your sleep quality and quantity. We all know that regular good quality and quantity of sleep means you have improved mood, make better decisions and have enhanced energy.

Better sleep also means you’ll cope better with the expected and unexpected changes that come each day with the pandemic.

It takes about 10 days to really get into a rhythm, but this will make you feel so good it will impact every area of your life.

Become your highest self

Your highest self is the best version of you that you can imagine. To become your highest self, ask these questions:

What aspects of your personality or behaviours do you want to leave behind?

How do you want to spend your time?

What do you have to do (or not do) to do that?

Who or what do you admire in someone else?

Embody the answer to the last one. For example, I admire the steadiness, poise and fairness of Elizabeth Warren; and when I need to, I channel that aspect of her to achieve great things in my career.

Deciding who and what you want to be, and emulating something that you admire in someone else makes you feel good, and gets you one step closer to becoming your highest self.


This one takes dedication, practice…and a lot of deep breaths.

Forgiving people and situations is not about letting them get away with anything. It means you no longer waste time and energy thinking or talking about something already passed and makes you unhappy. Your thoughts are continuing to hurt you, not the incident or person itself.

Forgiveness is for YOU, and you only.

Get out of your head and into body

We live in a time of infinite information. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fear or the many, many opinions. It is important to stay informed no matter what is happening in the world. But it’s equally important to know when it’s unhelpful.

Thinking about lockdown and what’s going to happen and when keeps you stagnant and in your head. You’ll feel a lot better if you start moving any bit of your body.

So you could do crafts (using your hands), sing (your voice), dance (whole body), play snap (hands and voice!)

It gives your mind a break and you come back with fresh eyes and improved perspectives. Anything that takes you out of your mind and into your body gets a big tick in my book!


I’m sure you’ve all done some version of this since the pandemic kicked off, but make sure your home is a sanctuary whatever that looks like to you.

That means fixing things, tidying, clearing out and rearranging. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

Ensure that every room you walk into makes you feel good. It’s your home, do as you wish with it to make you feel calm and happy. It’s your safe haven.

Get outside

You never regret going for a walk, or exercising in general.

Going outside gets you fresh air, blood pumping, ideas flowing and improves your mood. Your mind and your body deserves to be used to its full ability.

Take the time to enjoy yourself out there.

Perhaps you can see a theme here…these are all things you do for you. Taking care of you however that looks will make the lockdown easier. Look at it as an opportunity and this could be a pivotal moment in your life. It’s your chance to say in the future, “It was tough at the beginning, but look at all the amazing things that came out of it. Look what I’ve made of my life, and it all started with lockdown.”

Written by Louise Reid | @iam_louisereid

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