Shutters: A taste of the Cornish coast in the gleaming hub of Canary Wharf

Editors Gillian Smith and Kai Lutterodt head into London’s global business district to check out the latest export from the Cornish coast…

Editors Kai Lutterodt & Gillian Smith at Shutters, Canary Wharf

Quick question? Are we all back to normal?  Whatever your take on normal might be, of course.  Possibly Normal++ about covers it, given that the science (fiction) doesn’t yet exist to turn back time. So yes, while Soho and the West End seem to doing nicely with the return of hospitality, bolstered by the entertainment and shopping opportunities that go hand in hand with its location, trundle on further East and it’s possibly a slightly different story.

Replacing office life with working from home/hybrid culture has upended the City F & B sector in a manner that has made it tricky to rectify. Thinking outside of the lunch box in terms of restaurant and bars has never been more necessary than it is now.  Fortunately, London has rarely been short on ideas for whipping up some tasty possibilities when it comes to eating and drinking out.

Take Canary Wharf for example, where premises can struggle with visibility in a sea of glass towers and a permanently perambulating population, ever on the move between office and tube. So why not incorporate a bar/restaurant/hangout in the foyer of one of the best-known skyscrapers, One Canada Square?

Cue Shutters Canary Wharf!

The new Conran designed, hotel-styled ground floor is home to Shutters, an ever-evolving restaurant and bar, open each day for brunch from 8 to 11am, all day dining from noon to 10pm, plus proper roasts on Sundays.

On the upper level is Cartel, popular after a hard day’s graft at the financial coalface – a dedicated cocktail bar inspired by the delights of Mexico.

The drinks selection with a fusion of delicious cocktails isn’t to be underestimated; Artisan Mezcals, pure Tequilas, clean spirits and top shelf tipples from around the world are shaken, stirred and coiffed each day from 5pm. If you need more staying power, pair with an array of tasty tacos.

The menu is centred around Cornish produce with a Southern Californian twist – think corn tortillas, flatbreads, vibrant green guac, and the most indulgent seafood to name a few.  It’s conveniently sub-headed into segments for easy reference: For the Table, Starters, The Lobster Cartel, Salads, Brunch Classics, Surf, Turf, and Sides. Breakfast, Kids and Weekend menus are also available.

Great wines, bubbles and cocktails sit side-by-side with three mammoth copper beer tanks, filled with fresh-from-the-tank Meantime.  The Library is a great spot for hot desking or finding a few quiet moments away from the office... keep a Shutter cocktail menu close by – it’s 5pm somewhere in the world.  Cheers!

Written by Gillian Smith, photos by Kai Lutterodt

Shutters, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AB | IG: @shuttercanarywharf | Make a reservation CLICK HERE!

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